Exchanges in Action

By Toti Jean Marc Yale, President of EEFY, NGO

My name is Toti Jean Marc Yale. I’m holder of B.A got at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanity at Felix Houphouet Boigny. I live in Cote d’Ivoire, a country of the West Africa. I’m also the Ceo and Founder of a Nonprofit Organization called Education and English for You [EEFY] that fosters Education and English language in Cote d’Ivoire through the volunteering work.

Moreover, I was looking for the International Organizations in the issue of Education and English language for a partnership and I reached out to Know My World via Lisa Petro, the co-founder. I received scholarship from KMW for the Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange Training that have had a positive impact upon my career of leader and mainly upon the cultural experience of my students of the social volunteering school.

Know My World connected me through my Social Volunteering School during the Scholarship in Toronto, Canada. Aged from 4 to 15 years old our students of the Social Community School have learnt a lot things with their friends of Canada. KMW has cut the boundary by connected these kids who are coming from poor families and those of Canada, a developed country. The project was about the discussion of corporal punishment in schools and how poverty of parents can impact the future of students. Yes students talked about their daily life through draws, writings and pictures where they depicted their difficult life due to the poverty status of their parents but they have the hope that this situation will change one day. They were very happy for having friends in Canada, with them their shared the way they go to school , how they were punished often at school and at home, how long they stay at school, the subjects they study, the time of break at school, what they do after school and what their community looked like. 

The goal of this Program, was to make close the children of the world thanks to the support of KMW despite the long distance that separate them. It was to contribute to the cultural development of the students. Help students to learn the spirit of creativity, to know their friends of the world by promoting the self-confident, hope, friendship, curiosity, belonging, courage and kindness.

In addition, our school has been working with the U.S, mainly a teacher at an Elementary School. As the Program turned around of the food, the students have been involved by researching the names of the food they eat each day. They went to the market to collect all necessary information. They were very proud because they were positively admired and encouraged by the traders and other sellers of the market. They learnt about the names of the food they have the habit to eat, the origin of the food and classified the food according to the area of coming, National, Regional and International. They shared all these information with their friends in U.S. This Exchange has improved the gourmet knowledge of the students. They learnt also about the names of the food coming from U.S.

I’m very proud of Know My Work because thanks to the opportunities they provided me, I have deepened my current status of the leader by acquiring new methodology of work at school and which I shared with my colleague volunteers at Education and English for You. Also Know My Work through the different Programs has made the promotion of my Organization Education and English for You on the International Scale. I can’t forget the connection of the other citizens of the world they linked to me.

I can sum up without hesitation that Know My World remains up today one of the best Organizations in the world that fosters the Digital Cultural Learning. By the moment students, teachers of the world are connected around of the cultural issues so Know my World contributes to the development of the relationship between the people through the different Exchanges. Therefore KMW is fighting against the prejudge issues in the world.