This story was a group project from 9th grade students in New York. Students were challenged to create a fictitious story based on the commonalities of their own experiences using the “Leadership and Global Impact” prompt through The Sharability Project.


“The Day After Next”

Once upon a time there was a boy named Adom who dreamed of becoming a leader.  He was the son of Superman.  He was a good son and he loved his father.  One day his father left him, and their home planet Superior, to save another planet.  Adom was only 8 years old when his dad left to go save the other planet named planet X.   While his father was gone, an evil planet launched a nuclear bomb and destroyed planet Superior.

Adom was the only survivor do to the powers he obtained from his pops.   Adom felt abandoned, angry, stressed, sad, and frustrated.   Although he wanted to be a leader, now he wanted be an evil one.  He wanted to be controlling, violent, didn’t want to respect anyone, and didn’t follow rules.   He wanted to avenge his planet and decided to move to Earth and he became ruler of this planet.   His dad (superman) came to earth and tried to stop him from destroying it.  He was destroying people’s homes, cars, and possessions.  He had plans to blast the entire planet with everyone on it.   He tried to turn people against each other, to start war, so it wouldn’t look like he was trying to destroy the planet for no reason in the eyes of his father.

Superman flew down to earth looking for his son, realized the destruction, and everyone fighting each other.  He found his son sitting upon a throne in New York City—Superman showed a mirror to his son.  Adom looked into the mirror and he realized who he was, and he began turning good again.  Adom began fixing everything around him. He asked everyone to begin to talk about the problems. He talked to his father about his anger. He asked the citizens to talk about the economy, their country and city, and the rules of law.  Adom realized the solution to war was to talk and learn about people, use kind words and to say you are sorry.  Adom realized he needed to clean up his actions. Superman realized he needed to apologize to his son and also clean up his actions.  Adom learned that by cleaning up your actions and taking responsibility for yourself and anger, you can make peace.