Responsible Global Citizens Workbook Series

The Responsible Global Citizens workbook series offers a comprehensive guide for teachers to integrate social, emotional, cultural and academic learning into the upper elementary classroom. The lessons offered in each part of this series can also be expanded on for other grade levels.

What’s inside each workbook?

  • Lesson Sequences
  • Vocabulary and Definitions
  • Worksheets
  • Journal Pages
  • Resources
  • Activities for Creating a Safe Space
  • Critical Questions
  • Common Core ELA Standards


Workbooks can be purchased individually or as a package and all proceeds go to funding the   Know My World EveryWorld Initiative, a twice-a-year program that facilitates guided virtual exchanges for teachers all over the globe.

The 5-unit workbook series scaffolds social, emotional and cultural learning beginning with cultural identity, incorporating critical thinking, communication, ownership, and resulting in service-learning. The capstone book of the series, Know My World Evaluation Guidebook, includes an evaluation rubric and leads teachers through an evaluation and assessment process. In addition, this guidebook also provides helpful tips and strategies for evaluating social, emotional and cultural projects at any grade level.

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Unit 1: Cultures in the Classroom

How do we identify ourselves and others? Where does identity come from? Cultures in the Classroom introduces the elements of culture and walks teachers through exploring cultural identity in their classroom communities through art, dialogue and writing exercises. The accumulation of this unit is a cultural identity class book that features the richness of student diversity increasing cross-cultural understanding and connection.

Cost: $6.00 USD



Unit 2: Seeing is Being: Perspective

What is your perspective and how is it different from others? Seeing is Being offers teachers a developmental series of projects and exercises to increase students’ awareness and understanding of multiple perspective taking. Using creative arts, role playing and reflective writing, students learn how to value and engage in the experiences of others.

Cost: $6.00 USD



Unit 3: The Impact of Labeling

What are labels? How do they impact the people that they are assigned to? The Impact of Labeling deepens the experience of building community and empathy while introducing skills for effective communication with students. Activities in this unit leverage social and emotional skills practices through journaling, tactile learning, and group dialogue to reduce bullying and support mindfulness.

Cost: $6.00 USD



Unit 4: Conscious Communication: Choosing Words

How can you improve the quality of your words? How do your words affect others? Helping students learn how to express themselves and to choose vocabulary that accurately conveys their emotions is critical to any curriculum. Conscious Communication support teachers in expanding on students’ ability to communicate clearly with others across differences and to take ownership and accountability for their words. Using informational reading, story-telling and role-playing, demonstrate increased strategies for effective global citizenship.

Cost: $6.00 USD



Unit 5: Service-Learning

How can you help others and why is it important? Our service-learning unit for upper elementary helps teachers to create a solid foundation for cross-cultural communication and civic engagement. Students explore the distinctions between needs and wants as a core exercise to identifying areas for service and building mutual learning relationships with their communities.

Cost: $6.00 USD



Know My World Evaluation Guidebook:

How can teachers gauge the efficacy of global citizenship education projects in the classroom? What kinds of practices support an assessment of these results? The Know my World Evaluation Guidebook supports teachers in creating an assessment plan for their classroom regarding the development of social, emotional and cultural competence. Included is the Know My World rubric for the Responsible Global Citizens series as well as tips and resources for creating a student portfolio, assessing individual and classroom progress and mapping outcomes for future planning.

Cost: $7.00 USD