This story was a group project from our students in Taiwan, who were challenged to create a fictitious story based on the commonalities of their own experiences from our “Stepping out of your comfort zone” prompt through The Sharability Project.


In a secret land far away, in the depths of a volcano, there lived fire ninjas. The fire ninjas were strong and peaceful. They liked to help protect weaker countries from stronger, evil forces. There was only one force that they could not defeat… the skeleton army. One day while they were protecting a small village nearby the skeleton army invaded their land. The fire ninjas could no longer return home, they had to find a new homeland.

They had heard stories about a planet nearby called Ripjune where Nation Heroes of various elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water existed. They had a reputation for being incredibly powerful and protecting the people on Earth.

Their strength came from ancient techniques in fighting that they learned from their fathers and their fathers, fathers before them. Long ago they were the only species to survive the destruction of their planet Roxburg taking with them the strongest weapons they had. Each hero possesses a special ability.

While the fire ninjas were a powerful force on their own planet Baghetti, they were no match for the powers of the Nation Heroes. As they jumped onto their tornado dragons to begin their journey, they began to have many doubts, worries and concerns. What if the Nation Heroes were mean? What if they misunderstood and thought they were trying to invade Ripjune and they try to destroy the fire ninjas when they arrive? What if the Nation Heroes make fun of them for being smaller and not as powerful? What if they couldn’t find enough food or a place to live? What if the Nation Heroes throw them in jail? Even though all these concerns were on their mind, the fire ninjas knew that if they wanted a safer life away from the skeleton army, they had to go.

After two days of traveling they finally arrived at the boarder of Ripjune. Unsure of where to go they decided to land in the middle of the biggest city they could see. As they sat on their tornado dragons looking around nervously they were suddenly surrounded by different colored fireballs. The leader of the fire ninjas explained their situation to the fireballs in hopes that they would be willing to help them. The fireballs told them to follow them to the Nation Heroes castle. As they passed through the city they noticed each Nation Hero looked like a different element. Water Nation Heroes looked like oceans, Fire Nation Heroes looked like fire balls, Earth Nation Heroes looked like mountains, and wind Nation Heroes looked like blowing glass. When they finally arrived at the castle they met the most powerful Nation Hero of all, Captain Reckabeck, whose powers combined all the planet’s elements together. After listening to the fire ninja’s story about their own planet Captain Reckabeck invited them to stay on Ripjune with them as long as they agreed to help train the young Nation Heroes and fire ninjas together so they could know the techniques of both the fire ninjas and nation heroes.

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