Project Examples

Journal Swap for Peace 2014

Elementary students in Brazil and the Wisconsin, USA participated in the Journal Swap for Peace project created by Know My World.  This particular project first brings awareness to students in relation to  their environment. They start to explore their daily lives through discussions and recordings. Read More…usbrazil


Journal Swap for Peace Spring 2013 included 20 participants from Wisconsin, USA and Kalgoolrie School of the Air in Australia. This inspiring exchanged included elementary students in the US and Australian students in geographically isolated locations who attend a very special virtual school. Teachers on both sides of the globe created a classroom without walls.


  •  Methods of communication included Power Point journals and shared Gmail accounts.

The Journal Swap for Peace Winter 2012 project included participants from Mexico, Australia, Taiwan and the United States.  116 students and 8 teachers connected by building cross-cultural dialogue and a bridge for languages.


If your organization is interested in participating in this project contact us.