EveryWorld Initiative


The EveryWorld Initiative is a chance for schools around the world to apply for full scholarships to participate in a Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange facilitated by Know My World.


Welcome to the EveryWorld Initiative!

Know My World is proud to provide the EveryWorld Initiative,  an exciting opportunity for classrooms around the world to connect with each other using Know My World’s unique philosophy of digital exchanges. In order to ensure that all schools are able to participate in our exchanges, Know My World provides full scholarships through our Every World Initiative. To contribute to this campaign please visit our donations page or contact lisa@knowmyworld.org to find out how to become a sponsor.

To view the impact 2016 campaign, check out the infographic here.

Teachers selected for this opportunity will work with a Know My World facilitator and a teacher from another part of the world. As a team, they will create an educational experience in which students from two different countries have the opportunity to engage in a fun and informative project. At the end of this experience, teachers will receive a professional development certificate of completion, and the tools to continually manage their own digital exchanges in the future.

Teachers will receive:

Applications for our fall 2017 campaign had passed the deadline. Please consider applying for our spring 2018 campaign coming in January. Watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for information!

Applications for fall 2018 closed September 30th, recipients will be contacted beginning Monday, October 2nd, 2018. Thank you to everyone who applied and we hope to work with you to bring Global Education to your classroom.

What are some examples of a Know My World exchange project?


Tundra and Desert: Yup’ik and Mexican Culture

Japan and Taiwan: World Peace Memorial

India and Mexico: Environmental Conservation


What are the benefits of digital exchange for students?

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