Know My World™ | Internship

Has education left you feeling stale and unrecognized? Are you looking for ways to demonstrate your skills and empower yourself and others?

Know My World™

is currently seeking interns and volunteers who are self-directed, inquisitive, accountable, creative, critical thinkers that possess a passion for global awareness and are committed to making a difference in the world.

You are an integral piece of the global community. Come join us in changing the core of education! Interning with Know My World provides an opportunity to highlight your skills and character.  You will not bring us coffee, you will create an atmosphere for students, educators and people to build rich empathetic relationships via the latest digital technology. We want to showcase your talents and help you propel your career!

The Know My World intern will work remotely and be expected to collaborate weekly with Know My World administration.  Interns and volunteers must be able to demonstrate leadership and team abilities. All interested parties should also exhibit dynamic communication and interpersonal skills. If this is you, please submit a letter of intent and resume to

Promotions Intern:  As a Promotions intern, you will assist in managing and growing our online community, using various social and digital media applications.

Make us smile: Have a strong knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and discussion boards, all while radiating positive energy to connect people all over the world.

What you give:

  • Monitor and generate social media profiles and online discussion
  • Assist in creating press kits
  • Monitor the listening station (research and monitor trends in education and digital technology)

What you develop:

  • Refine and create mastery skills in effective communication
  • Engage in a multitude of experiences with others, interact with a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Educational Coordinator Intern:  As an Educational Coordinator Intern you will help to oversee the general management of Know My World cross-cultural exchanges by facilitating new exchanges, helping to build our international database, seeking new opportunities for international growth and collaborating with participants to create projects.

☺Make us smile: Show experience in multicultural and/or humanistic education with a genuine interest in self-directed learning initiatives. Possess strong communication awareness and writing skills.

What you give:

  • Assist in exchange management and relations, maintain ongoing matches.
  • Assist in internal development and general management of partnerships/projects.
  • Help to generate ideas and bring them into fruition.
  • Seek out new opportunities for database growth such as conferences, seminars, and organizations.

What you develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of international organizations
  • Communication and interpersonal skills utilized in various parts of the globe
  • Exposure to various cultures and customs
  • Leadership experience in group dynamics
  • A community of globally minded individuals
  • Experience in international relations and schools


Web Content Intern: As part of our multimedia team, you will be responsible for sharing the creations each of our participants produce.  Your skills will allow the rest of the world to Know My World.

Make us smile: Exhibit extensive knowledge with various digital tools and software. Due to the vastness of our participant’s means, we receive a variety of formats and file types.  Be prepared to test your strength.

What you give:

  • Editing of audio, video and photography materials (must have knowledge of video editing software) Final cut pro preferred.
  • Distribution of videos and content via online channels
  • Knowledge of  Wordpress and web applications a plus.

What you develop:

  • In-depth understanding of technology and it’s usage all over the globe
  • Experience working on international projects

Marketing Intern:  As a member of our marketing team, you will assist in strategies to expand our database of participants, from exchanges to consultants.

Make us smile: Possess fervor for and focus in global partnerships and alternative learning.

What you give:

  • Identify partnerships by researching potential groups for cross-cultural exchange all over the world
  • Educator outreach by contacting school districts, teacher organizations, and community groups
  • Research organizations and contacts in 3 sectors: educators, partners, and participants.
  • Assist in the expansion of business and outreach.

What you develop:

  • Leadership experience
  • International network connections in your field
  • Solid marketing skills