Personal Stories

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Uan: No, I am doing it alone. I did work with my friend in Proudly Open Mind, but he went broke so no money. But before was ok, he had a lot of money. Last year.
Part II
(Talking about being self sustainable)
Uan: We have a vegetable garden and we are feeding chicken for egg…
Lisa: So you grow your own food, your own chickens…
Uan: Yes, The rainy season is coming …
Lisa: So this helps to feed them and less money…
Uan: Yes
Lisa: It is very good what you do here, very brave for you!
Uan: (Laughs softly) Thank you and ah yea very brave.
Lisa: How did you…Did you start this school?
Uan: Yeah, with my friend Proudly Open Mind.
Lisa: When did you start this school?
Uan: Ah 3 years ago, yea, Many problems with people on the island cause they are, they were
suspect, what do I do for the Cambodian kids, cause the Cambodian, between Cambodia and
Thailand were always fighting. Because of the border, until now. So, but now it’s ok, I have my own, Study Buddies
Lisa: Study buddies is you?
Uan: In Thailand but also in Holland.
Lisa: Oh but here in Thailand it is you. I saw on the computer, on Facebook… That’s how I found out that we could come here.
Uan: Yea, maybe that was from Holland, what you saw from Proudly Open Mind [on facebook] they have a foundation in Holland also of Study Buddies, but study buddies in Thailand.
Lisa: Wow, ok
Uan: yea, so people on the island this is ok, but they never help…they don’t help. Just keep quiet.
Lisa: and you do it anyway, you say “I’ll help them”.
Uan: Yea.
Lisa: Wow, yea, I know I feel our organization [kmw] can be the same as its very difficult to get people from many places to connect and a lot of people, not just America but every where… “I like my home, my people…” It can be very difficult.
Uan: Yea, yes, very difficult
Lisa: But we do it anyway [Uan laughs] because it is for good.
Uan: yes, of course! 3 years already we are standing. (laughs)