TRACE Philosophy

Transformation is more than change.

It is a complete shift in awareness, understanding and consciousness. Through transformation we gain confidence, strength of character and a deep sense of social and emotional learning (SEL). We develop a clear perception of who we are, the contributions we can make to the world, and our own purpose in life is revealed.  Know My World has created TRACE Philosophy which emphasizes educational and transformative experiences while providing the necessary skills to help students as they embark on a journey of self discovery.


The TRACE Philosophy incorporates a project based learning curriculum that focuses on 4 goals:

1. Ownership

2. Leadership

3. Global Citizenship

4. Character Development

Our goals are accomplished by emphasizing social and emotional learning pathways through the use of digital technology, reflective journaling, classroom projects, critical thinking and essential questioning, collaborative and individual learning opportunities and community support.


Working backwards within the model, the TRACE Methodology brings students to the point of personal (E)xperience, to forge a (C)onnection to self and the outside world. Through this connection, students are able to gain a natural (A)wareness and take (R)esponsibility for their experiences.  When a feeling of ownership is present, students (T)ransform and develop a deep knowledge and understanding of any experience, subject, content and environment.


All TRACE projects are facilitated by our staff of professional educators in conjunction with classroom teachers or program staff members.  This synergistic relationship makes it easy to implement TRACE Philosophy projects in the classroom or after school/summer programs.

Our projects are ideal for:

  •       International schools who incorporate Essential Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR’s) including: effective communicators, critical thinkers and responsible citizens into their curriculum
  •        IB schools who incorporate the IB Learner Profile traits including: communication, reflection, principles and balance into their curriculum
  •        Public/ Private/ Charter schools who incorporate Global Learning  into their curriculum
  •        Alternative education schools who want to promote or provide their students  an opportunity to explore leadership, character development and other aspects of our philosophy
  •        Home schools who want to connect on a global level with other students
  •        After school/Summer programs who want to provide students quality educational programming
  •        Any school or program that wants to maximize cooperation and compassion among their students or participants and incorporate aspects of self awareness and leadership

Please visit our Project Page to view various ways you can integrate TRACE Philosophy into your own curriculum or contact us.