This story was a group project from 3rd grade students in New York, who were challenged to create a fictitious story based on the commonalities of their own experiences from our “Leadership and Global Impact” prompt through The Sharability Project.

This is how the bullying stops!

It was peaceful all over the world, until… it all started, the bullying. Everybody was seeing bullying at schools. This was no ordinary bullying because it was the worse you could imagine. It was so bad because it was happening everywhere at the same time in every school all over the word. It was happening in China, California, Jamaica, Mexico, America, Los Angeles, Newburgh, Las Vegas, Hollywood Brazil, and New Mexico! In Washington D.C there was a principal who didn’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt because he cared a lot. His name was Principal Obama. He heard that the bullying had gotten worse so he wanted to end the bulling. Even though it was too much work, he called all the principals all over the world because he cared about the students, and he wants to communicate and talk out their problems. So late that night he gathered all the principals from all over the world and went to dinner in Mexico to have a meeting.  They decided to work things out with the kids who bullied. The principals went back to their schools and they started reasoning with the bullies. The bullies told the principals that they bully because they want to do whatever they want and they want to feel power. They also said they want to avoid being bullied themselves.  The principals decided to show them kindness and not suspend them if they stopped bullying. They gave the bullies a second chance. They promised to not let them down after they were given their second chance. The bullies finally stopped bullying. The principals had worked it out thanks to principal Obama’s ability to share, listen to everyone, and realize that punishment was not the answer. When everyone worked together, the kids, the bullies and the principals, then the bullying stops.  Kids don’t feel scared anymore and they feel confident to go back to school.  When there is no bullying we can all be friends.