The Sharability Project Archive: Megastories

Participants from all over the world are contributing to The Sharability Project. Students, teachers and community members are working together in small groups to answer our prompts and learn about the life experiences that connect us all.  The Sharability Project is not only providing opportunities to discover our strengths and achievements, but creating a platform to build empathy between global citizens.  If you or your educational program is interested in participating in The Sharability Project, please visit our TRACE Projects  page, or contact us at


Megastory:  n. (me-ga-sto-ry) Creative narratives designed by global participants of The Sharability Project, derived from each other’s personal experiences.


“Western Dawn and Eastern Twilight”


“Fire Ninja’s and Nation’s Heroes vs. The Skeleton army”

“Zimbawe and Bonga save the world”



“Never Pollute The World”

never pollute


New York

State University of New Paltz, New York/Dynamics of Planned Change Graduate Course

 “The Enlightenment”

 “More Than Complacence”

“The Adventure of Atticus

“From Earth to Mars

“Put Your Body to the Test”

“This is how the bullying stops!”


“The Day After Next”

day after