Personal Stories

I think it’s a good way to push yourself to do something on your own, but in Thai, being a baby until you thirty, and sometimes they’re too lost, they’re still acting for the money,and the mainly thing is they should taught every kid to think about what they actually reallylike. If they really like a sport like Tiger Wood, you push them toward the sport school, but Thai people can be lost because I was a kid before, I don’t know what I want to do, I just remember my dad said, “You have to work soon,” and I was like, “What work? What work?” Just sitting the office or something, so I just register for one class because I am just totally lost, and then one day I realized like I knew a little thing because marketing stuff in a U.S. city, and I totally hated accounting, even I can make it, but I hate it, and economy subject; I really hate it.  Math.  Math okay, but I hate it too because I was in a major of math and computer, but I didn’t love it,and I ask myself like how long I can hold like this, like to go to work for three hours and come back to work like another three or four hours. You don’t wanna be stuck in traffic, you stuck in this kind of life, and it’s not really happy. What we should live on is what we doing and happy,even my family, but I think if I get a little too close I would be sad too because I’m gonna feel like even though they don’t do it physically way, but you know I can’t be mean.

[Genevieve]  Yea sure. So you had to make a choice to leave. Was that a little scary maybe, a little sad?

Pretty much. I’m the best naughty kid because my mom doesn’t want me to and I’m a girl, and I’m actually originally come from a Muslim family.   I was but I’m not really now; I don’t want to be one of them. It’s really like a kid story, it’s been telling another thousand years, once upon a time, nobody happily ever after. Every story have more additional,and the story I didn’t talk about specific like, Islam story, but I’m quite sure in every religious talking the same thing, and people act a little too much. They make it like drama show, and when the people who try to talk to me about what I need to believe, they make it too drama, and I don’t want to accuse someone like, “This is good for you.” I would look like idiot though, and it’s not fun, so I decide to move away from this kind of social, really Thai social.