Exchanges in Action

Imagine a gallery of cultural images from students who celebrate different cultures.  A secondary Art class from Canada and 2 secondary Art classes from Mexico did.  Over the Fall 2014 semester, these 3 classes worked together to investigate and explore traditional and modern Canadian and Mexican cultures through an online art gallery. Through the use of a private Google Community, 3 teachers, 2 countries and over 60 students shared their culture through mosaic, photography, collage, and video.  Students also commented on each others work and dispelled stereotypes through questions and answers.

Teachers set up the guidelines:

culture project<

Students uploaded examples of their art work:

Students wrote about their process and how they related their artwork to their culture:

culture canada2 culture canada culture canada3

Students responded to each other’s questions about art and culture:

Mexico answers CanadaCanada Answers to Mexico