Are there any fees associated with the EveryWorld Initiative?

There are no fees associated with the application or with the digital exchange program. All fees are sponsored.


What types of courses are eligible to participate?

The EveryWorld Initiative is open to all subject areas, as long as the students are between 5th and 12th grade. We have experience facilitating intercultural exchanges with many different content areas, including math and science!


What is the time commitment associated with a Know My World exchange?

The exchange will last between 4 and 8 weeks. There is no exact time commitment, although you can expect a  1 hour call in the first week to meet with the Know My World facilitator and the other teacher involved in the exchange. After that, any additional calls will be decided by the Know My World facilitator, your partner, and yourself. Projects can be implemented during class time or extracurricular activities. Know My World staff supports the development of the project, and manages the logistics so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your students.


I am required to teach a set curriculum. Can an exchange be integrated into an existing curriculum?

Absolutely. Know My World facilitators are skilled at creating projects that integrate various subject and content areas while incorporating creativity and character education. Know My World exchanges naturally align to Common Core Standards, and we are happy to find creative ways to work within a variety of existing curricula.


What exactly is the video submission?

  • Each teacher will film a short video (3 minutes max) with his or her respective classroom.
  • The video should respond to the prompt “My world is…” and reflect on the culture within the school’s region–it can be about the local cuisine, customs, or lifestyle.
  • You don’t need to be a professional! You can simply shoot the video on a smartphone within your classroom or school. You can interview a few students, show artwork or a short performance….be creative, but don’t stress about it!
  • For sample videos, check out these!


How many videos can a school enter?

Every school can submit up to 5 videos.


Who should be in the video?

The nominated teacher and/or students of her/his participating class should be a part of the video.


Can the video be edited upon submission?

Once submitted, the video cannot be edited.


How do we submit the video?

The video should be uploaded to YouTube. You then need to send the link to info@knowmyworld.org. Applicants may also send an Mp4 file or password protected link from a secondary site.


What happens once we submit the video?

  • The Know My World team will review all of the entries. Classroom selection will be based on a set of criteria including communication skills, enthusiasm to learn about other cultures and  eagerness to share your culture with the world.
  • Results will be announced to you via email.


Will we receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, each participating teacher will receive a certificate upon completion of the exchange.


Do students need to be proficient in English?

Students do not need to be proficient in English to participate in the exchange, but teachers must have a working proficiency in English so they can provide language support for their students. 


I still have a few questions, whom should I contact?

Please email your questions to info@knowmyworld.org