Know My World has worked with schools in over 30 countries, bringing digital cross-cultural exchanges and social, emotional and cultural awareness to thousands of students.  Our programs provide individualized opportunities for students to connect and grow together.  

We want every classroom around the world to benefit from our projects and services.  In an effort to assist schools with funding obstacles, we have created our Every World Initiative (EWI) campaign and we are requesting your assistance by sponsoring our programs.

Know My World LLC is a social enterprise and guarantees that your contributions are used to subsidize project costs and provide scholarships for schools or programs that need financial assistance.  Although Know My World is unable to offer tax deductions for donations, we can offer them through our fiscal sponsor, VIA International.  

Via International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with 40 years of experience engaging people to participate in community development initiatives. Their focus is to improve quality of life by providing educational and transformational experiences to connect people to community development work through voluntourism and civic engagement. Please contact us directly for Tax ID information.  

We are confident that you will see and understand the value in our services and be inspired.  Please click the links below to find out more about the Every World Initiative projects your contributions will support.  

We are incredibly grateful for your support in our mission to connect, educate and inspire students around the globe!


Links you to individual projects for sponsorship: