Textile Exchange

*Contrast and compare different styles and cultural interpretations of costume and fashion
*Learn about diverse techniques, designs and materials for production

Textile designs and styles are representative of many aspects of culture such as family origin, class, and spiritual beliefs.  Examining the different techniques and materials that create this rich tapestry of society can provide insight into the history, symbolism and trends of a culture.  Participants can find ways to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and share the processes of making the garments that warm and protect our bodies.

Stitching together the fabric of your life builds:

*Tactile lessons about material resources and technique
*Open communication to discuss cultural symbolism and implications
*Awareness and understanding about one’s spiritual beliefs
*Interactive methods for the retelling of traditions and history
*Fine motor skills and knowledge of a trade

Weave strands of knowledge by:

*Exploring the differences in materials that are indigenous to your culture and location, study how they are made and the natural resources they come from.
-Upload photos of materials, video ways they are harvested and manufactured and share on blog site.

*Trade technique and instructions to reproduce different styles of costume from each other’s culture. Hold a fashion show in your school or community.
-Scan and download patterns created in your class or home with instructions and send via email.

*Design your own timeline of fashion and match with the history of each era
-Share your knowledge of history by designing visuals and text on the web via creative software.

*Make a friendship quilt by allowing each participant to create their own square, upload media, share, print and sew together.
-Use eemail to send patterns to each other. Use a buddy system to duplicate squares in both places for 2 identical quilts and work together over live conferencing.

If you are interested in becoming a featured partner for this type of exchange, please inquire with us at info@knowmyworld.org