Social Activism Exchange

* Emphasize and utilize group dynamics
* Explore and understand history and current events on an in-depth level
* Promote social change

As we evolve toward a more global community, working together to create social change becomes a greater focus for humanity.  When engaging in a social activism exchange, people can help others to seek out justice and equity through varying perspectives and collaboration for action.  Discover what issues parallel and contrast throughout the world, and focus on peaceful and innovative ways to make a supportive environment for all.

Participating in social activism and confronting issues will create:

*Historical and cultural awareness about the ways in which society can promote inequality
*Problem solving, critical thinking and coping skills
*Empathy and compassion
*Tools for effective communication and language
*Self-accountability and empowerment
*Social change

What can you do to promote change?

*Explore an issue that is right outside your door and is shared with another group. Come together to discuss the potential for change.
-E-mail, live conferencing, and/or a shared website are great ways to communicate in a group.

*Create a student or community council and exercise democratic principles to help another group in need.
-Discussion forums and/or a shared blog offer a platform for sharing ideas.

*Work together with another group or individual to document the challenges in your own culture and your partner(s).
-Video blogging or “vlogging” allow for filming and uploading onto a website.

*Create a shared project with others to document your own historical perspectives for comparison.  Search for underlying themes and opinions.  Ask critical questions about the implications of history in the present.
-Keep track of information through shared documents on the web and consult via live conferencing.

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