Resources Exchange

*Exchange with or donate materials and resources to other schools that are in need
*Build interdependent relationships to enhance learning
*Promote responsibility of self and others through student-run exchange
*Organize volunteer project exchanges

Like individuals, each culture and country has something to offer.  Through a Resource Exchange, you can help to organize fundraisers, events, and donation drives to assist someone else in their journey of knowledge.

Unsure how?

Example with our Featured Partner Better World Books

Through Better World Books, communities and schools can run a book drive to save books from the landfills, and give them a new life by having them sold on to benefit global literacy initiatives. Funds raised by the sale of unwanted books in the US, Canada and the UK have been used to build schools, libraries and buy appropriate books in native languages.

Conducting fund drives and donating materials can enhance your curriculum and life by:

*Fostering leadership
*Promoting organizational skills
*Encouraging group dynamics and goal attainment
*Exploring global literacy initiatives
*Reinforcing literacy in your own community
*Providing a sense of empowerment and humanity

Others way to utilize a resource exchange in your life:

Along with having something to offer, you may also have a need.  Connect with others who may be able to assist in your needs while benefiting from what you have to offer.  Brainstorm and collaborate on ways to build an interdependent relationship that supports each others needs.

A few examples of how you can achieve a fruitful resource exchange relationship:

*Create crafts that are indigenous to your culture for exchange and then sell at fundraisers for proceeds to help pay for supplies.
-Use video or blog applications to teach each other how to make crafts.

*Organize community and school collections to gather materials or funds needed for donation.
-Use e-mail, blog, and live chatting applications to collaborate on joint drives and post progress.