Music Exchange

*Share and discuss musical genres from each culture
*Compose and record musical pieces together using software technology
*Practice and perform through video technology

Music is reflective of the events and perceptions in a society.  By sharing your musical history, traditional dances, and songs, you can offer a unique view of your own culture, while learning about another’s.  Participating in a Music Exchange can teach us about the past, help us to understand the present and create new melodies for the future.

Making music together supports:

*Spatial skill and cognitive growth
*Compositional and sequential development
*Multi-sensory stimulation
*Group Dynamics and team participation
*Focal strength
*Cross-cultural exploration and critical analysis

Band together over music by:

*Filming dances and songs that are indicative of your culture and share with your partner.
-Video blogging and websites allow others to view your content, forums open up an arena for discussion and instruction.

*Compose new music and/or perform new or already established songs.
-Use live chatting and video conferencing to perform in real time.

*Review and rewrite history by posing critical questions about current music and changing content and lyrics.
-Use discussion forums, instant messaging applications, shared web documents, or email to work collaboratively.

*Learn how to play instruments from other cultures, provide instruction through video tutorials.
-Video uploads or live conferencing are excellent sources for instruction.

*Create and invent new instruments that are based on a combination of two cultures.
-Map out ideas and plans with design software and shared applications.

If you are interested in becoming a featured partner for this type of exchange, please inquire with us at