Food and Nutrition Exchange

*Share recipes and ingredients cross-culturally
*Blog about and discuss various cuisines and their cultural significance
*Discuss, understand and create action around nutrition and hunger issues
*Participate in cooking exchange through video conferencing or live chatting

The foundation of every culture can be found in its food, from ingredients themselves to the ways in which others are nourished at the table.  Invite others into your kitchen to learn about the flavors and textures which surround your life.  Through a Food and Nutrition Exchange, you can discover how other people nourish their bodies and hearts, while sharing your very own.  You can also educate yourself and others about healthy eating and nutritional value.

*Exploring new flavors and cooking techniques
*Experimenting with alternative ways to prepare food
*Learning new sources of nutrition
*Understanding the cultural and historical background of food
*Connecting with others through personal stories and memories

Other ways to connect through Food and Nutrition Exchange:

The Food and Nutrition exchange is not only an excellent way to share ourselves inter-culturally, but it is also a medium through which one group can help another to become knowledgeable about sustainability and conservation. By connecting with parts of the world that are challenged by issues such as malnutrition, unsafe drinking water, and disease, you are encouraged to create a relationship built on sustainability, where you can share your knowledge and support for agriculture development, maximization of available resources, and critical information such as sanitation procedures. Your partner group can then share from this exchange via their own tables, sharing recipes, cooking techniques passed down through generations, and the things that make their cuisine unique.

Some examples on how you can exchange with others through food and nutrition:

*Create a cross-cultural community garden, growing similar items and documenting technique and progress.
-Use video uploads, live chatting, e-mail, and blogging to communicate, provide tutorials and document.

*Create meal plans together to optimize available ingredients and focus on nutrition.
-E-mail, blogging and discussion forums can provide the perfect medium to share your menu with others.