Educator Exchange (Teachers & Parents)

*Build a network of ideas and strengths through team teaching and lesson sharing
*Co-create resource guides
*Develop classroom exchange activities

Everyone has the capability to be an educator and share what he/she knows.  Educational possibilities are endless when working with others who have a desire to teach and learn.  An Educator Exchange adds power to our own experiences and knowledge while expanding on a multitude of perspectives and information.  Join together to enhance education with people from all walks of life.

Connecting with other parents can:

*Provide a platform for discussion to compare and contrast parenting tips
*Open up new possibilities on ways to educate your children and support their growth

Others way to utilize an Educator Exchange in your life:

Education is an infinite process with unlimited resources available. Expressing your ideas and knowledge with others who foster learning can help you to build in-depth and effective lessons.

*Work together to enhance content and material through idea exchange and lesson sharing
-Use email and shared documents to trade what works in your home or classroom.

*Design and create resource guides that can be shared in schools and communities everywhere.
-Upload content onto a shared website or blog

*Create and mainatin a network of educators, parents, community members and professionals as a go-to guide when building your next unit or lesson.
-Design a blog or web site as a directory of information.

*Form community groups that can present their experiences within various topics for study
-Utilize video conferencing or live chatting to share your expertise in schools and communities anywhere.

*Design an online encyclopedia of human experience by creating content pages for topics with information provided about individual experiences
-Make a website or wiki that showcases stories and memories from participating individuals and groups.