Creative Writing Exchange

*Share personal stories and points of view through creative writing structures
*Expand imagination through collaborative creativity
*Enhance language and literacy skills through a network of peers

Despite vast differences in language, creative writing in any culture shares a similar purpose to explain points of view and express emotion.  Engaging in creative writing activities will not only enhance literacy and comprehension, but will also serve as a foundation for communication and encouraging empathy in relationships.   With so many formats to choose from, such as poetry, short stories, and tall tales, mutual projects can open the door for understanding while strengthening language and grammar skills.

The power of your pen can:

*Enhance and support language and literacy
*Promote self-awareness and exploration
*Strengthen comprehension
*Connect students and people with others who share similar experiences
*Offer new perspectives
*Develop empathetic relationships between cultures
*Foster understanding and communication

Increase the power of your words with the following exercises:

*Collaborate on a shared newspaper and feature student pieces form both parties
-Publish your newsletter on the web by creating a joint website or blog.

*Rewrite history by changing the events of a chosen event (do this for your own culture) and then switch prompts
-Email work or act out through video conferencing and vlogging.

*Write your own short story that reflects modern society in your culture
-Post on online forums or classroom web pages.

*Explain your experiences to friends in other parts of the world through poetry exercises.
-Mail your work and display for others in your school or community, post on the web.

*Choose a topic that is pertinent to you and your match and explore critically through creative writing
-Use live chatting to brainstorm ideas.

*Make a “creative writing collage” by collecting various pieces from you and your match and displaying them visually.
-Share ideas through email or video conferencing, upload photos onto class pages or blogs.

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