Art Exchange

*Offer to host a cross-cultural art exhibition between students, classrooms, and/or schools.
*Exchange visual journals about each student’s life or as a classroom community based on daily, weekly, or monthly entries.
*Use reflection prompts, encouraging students to show their personal perception of another culture or their own.
*Act as photojournalists to document events.

Much of our culture, customs, and history are reflected through art.  The Arts Exchange is highly accessible to everyone, as it provides a platform for self-expression through various media.  Learn about cultural perspectives and individual views by creating visual and performing art pieces, then exchanging the work with people from all over the globe.

Expressing yourself can foster:

*Communication and comprehension skills
*Cross-cultural understanding and education
*Multi-sensory development
*Integrated learning
*Shared interest and empathy
*Critical thinking skills

Suggestions for manifesting your creativity cross-culturally:

*Develop critical questions about your own culture and your matches.  Answer through visual depictions and exchange.  Discuss your discoveries.
-Create a message board to post and discuss your work.

*Show your representations in your own culture through visual art mediums coupled with brief descriptions.  Exchange your work and hold an exhibit in your match’s honor.
-Document and share exhibitons through blogs or a joint website.

*Create a virtual museum of history with your artwork.
-Upload video and photos using various applications for all to see.

*Perform re-enactments of your cultural oral history and tales to share with your match.
-Send video and scripts through email or perform live over video conferencing.

If you are interested in becoming a featured partner for this type of exchange, please inquire with us at at