Digital Exchange

Creating new relationships with others creates a new relationship to self and the world around us.  

Cross cultural exchange provides an opportunity to learn about others culture and beliefs, cultivates empathy and understanding, and promotes tolerance and peace.  Relationships are the epicenter of humanity and the true institution of knowledge.

Know My World invites you to participate in an exchange, collaborate on projects and embark on a journey with someone you may have never thought to know before.  Make a cross cultural exchange your next adventure in the world!

Possible Topics for Exchange

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Resources Exchange 
*Donate and exchange materials and resources to other schools that are in need.
*Build interdependent relationships to enhance learning.
*Promote responsibility of self and others through student run exchange.
*Organize volunteer project exchanges

Food and Nutrition Exchange 
*Share recipes and ingredients cross-culturally
*Blog and discuss about various cuisines and cultural significance
*Discuss, understand and create action toward nutrition and hunger issues
*Participate in cooking exchange through video conferencing or live chatting

Environmental Sustainability Exchange
*Work collaboratively with other regions to ensure sustainable healthy living
*Discover ways to promote environmental awareness and growth

Social Activism Exchange
* Emphasize and utilize group dynamics
* Explore and understand history and current events on an in-depth level
* Promote social change

Art Exchange
*Offer to host a cross cultural art exhibition between students, classrooms, and/or schools.
*Exchange visual journals about each student’s life or as a classroom community based on daily, weekly, or monthly entries.
*Use reflection prompts, encouraging students to show their personal perception of another culture or their own.
*Act as photojournalists to document events.

Music Exchange
*Share and discuss musical genre from each culture
*Compose and record musical pieces together using software technology
*Practice and perform through video technology

Creative Writing Exchange
*Share personal stories and points of view through creative writing structures
*Expand imagination through collaborative creativity
*Enhance language and literacy skills through a network of peers

Textile Exchange
*Contrast and compare different styles and cultural interpretations of costume and fashion
*Learn about diverse techniques, designs and materials for production

Educator Exchange (Teachers and Parents)
*Build a network of ideas and strengths through team teaching and lesson sharing
*Co-create Resource guides
*Develop classroom exchange activities

Methods for Exchange

Live Chatting
*Set up daily, weekly or monthly conferences for discussion forums, integrated lessons, or friendships.
*Facilitate Group projects with the ability to work together during real time in and outside of the classroom
*Facilitate teacher training and/or idea sharing

Video Exchange
*Exchange video Diaries daily, weekly or monthly
*Create presentations based on student interests
*Document events and history
*Document daily life events

Discussion Exchange
*Create group discussions and create solutions by contemplating and sharing opinions.
*Encourage critical thinking through humanitarian and environmental approaches collectively through various mediums including social media such as blogging and forums.

Video Conferencing
*Set up daily, weekly or monthly conferences for discussion forums, integrated lessons, or friendships.
*Create student meetings, student activist groups, or committees
*Facilitate teacher training and/or idea sharing

Pen-pal Exchange
*Foster friendships through email or letter exchange
*Create an environment for non-biased and critical thinking by sharing journal reflections and topic responses
*Encourage creative writing and promote multi-lingual skills through various language activities.