Personal Stories

My challenge was when I was in Bangbao in Thailand. I was traveling by myself for the first time and it was an experience like never before, especially meeting new people. When I was at this hotel, I knew there were two other people nearby, a little far away. I was very nervous being by myself. I wasn’t very jolly, very happy as this was like stepping into something new, into the unknown and you don’t know what could happen, you have no idea.  One evening, I decided to go and to visit these other two people. I got there and we started to talk. After a while I started to have another idea about life. My life has been very different from theirs. There were lots of aspectsin their life that were completely different from mine. I’ve learned a lot about life in general with these contacts and it has given me a lot as a person. I loved the experience of meeting new people. It is clear that it can be very hard, especially at the beginning, but you can discover and meet great people and find new friends. It is always a vacation and I’ve appreciated the fact that I was able to meet them and they will be my friends for the rest of my life. That’s it!