Our mission is to offer a multitude of platforms and projects for exchange and growth between various countries and cultures.  Our programs and exchanges provide shared teaching and learning opportunities between participants. The pivotal focus of Know My World is to promote enriching opportunities within and beyond the standard curriculum, through social, emotional and cultural competency, to transform the educative experience.


Know My World is a global education resource that connects participants digitally in shared learning experiences. Interested participants contact Know My World via an email request form on our website and are matched from our global database with a partner school in another country.  These exchanges are facilitated and managed by a KMW staff member.  Participants work with the KMW facilitator and each other to collaborate and plan projects for their students.

Operating under Know My World is a philosophy that focuses on Transformation, Relationship, Awareness, Connectivity and Experience acronym T.R.A.C.E.

TRACE is a project based curriculum incorporating aspects of global citizenship, leadership, character development and ownership through interdisciplinary studies, digital media and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) pathways.

Schools, educators, students and individuals are invited to participate and purchase TRACE focused projects and curriculum.  Know My World also provides staff development training workshops based on the TRACE philosophy that include but are not limited to Empowerment, Integrated Curriculum and Social Responsibility for purchase.

The KMW website is a global platform that houses and displays all exchange content and TRACE project examples.


Participants are asked to complete a group or individual profile based on interests and preferences, and are then offered a selection of possible matches.  A program liaison will assist each partner with the connection and act as segue for building a strong relationship between participants.

  1. Tell us who you are and where you want to begin by browsing our exchange options and requesting an exchange by filling out a group or individual form.
  2. Submit the form and a liaison will reply shortly to approve your request and discuss possible matches.
  3. Unsure about what you are looking for?  Don’t worry, qualified educators and consultants can help you choose a place to begin that is conducive to your experience.
  4. Select possible matches and we will inform you of their backgrounds and needs.  We can also offer presentations, seminars, and cultural sensitivity training for interested participants.
  5. We will introduce you to your match, help you to develop an exchange and make sure both parties can clearly communicate.
  6. The liaison will stay on as an assistant to help with any issues or needs participants encounter across along the way.
  7. The rest is up to you. It’s your world — how do you want to connect?


We believe that people learn most effectively when focusing on 3 facets: Self-Awareness, Relationship to others, and Global Awareness.  Through these 3 aspects, participants feel empowered to create social change. When people understand who they are emotionally, intellectually and culturally, they then possess a set of skills to explore critically.  Applying methods such as self-reflection, open discussion, and group projects, students can make deep connections to the information they discover. They can think about their actions, the ways in which they coexist with cultural differences and similarities, and the impact it has on others.  Ultimately, people can then create a deep understanding and mutual respect for the world they live in on both a local and global scale.  A rich understanding of self and the surrounding world empowers people to incite and support social change.  The Know My World™ website is a switchboard for sharing, learning and growth.